《十大赌博正规老平台》 & 之旅




Is a malicious spirit imprisoned in the former 6th Precinct and tied to sinister events which occurred inside this building that once served the community for over 75 years? Find out for yourself on this unique opportunity to tour and investigate a historic building identified as one the “most terrifying places” by the Travel Channel.

看看 这个视频(打开一个新标签) 为纪念和一瞥这可怕的地方!


Discover the fascinating history of this once prominent Detroit police precinct

探索前底特律警察局 & 旅游频道节目《十大赌博正规平台在线》中提到的监狱





在网上订单中增加6%的预订费. 通过电话购票可以避免预订费用.

团体优惠:10人或10人以上每组5元. 调用 为团体购买.


8:30 pm




由于建筑业主艾德·斯蒂尔令人心碎的去世, 我们不会再指挥这次巡演了.






  • 18岁及以上因成人历史题材.
  • 一定要能爬楼梯吗.
  • 还没有完全加热,所以要穿好衣服.
  • Covid面具需要.
  • Signed liability waivers and media/photo releases required of all attendees.


入学, 引导历史之旅, 超自然调查和当地的超自然小组一起"捉鬼, 咖啡 & 零食,披萨 & 休息时间,拍照时间




穿不露脚趾的步行鞋. 高跟鞋和凉鞋都不安全. Due to Covid-19, proper wearing of masks throughout the tour is a requirement.


第六分局之旅由我们的历史和真正的犯罪爱好者导游带领. 由当地一个超自然组织发起的调查.


旅游门票不予退换. If you’re unable to attend, please feel free to pass on tickets to friends or family.

You can always call us to see if we have anyone on the waiting list. 虽然我们不能保证, we may have someone interested in purchasing your tickets if we’re sold out.

我不怕鬼. 你是?

喜欢我们的想法 臭名昭著的313:闹鬼第六分局之旅 而是想深入研究鬼魂和超自然现象? 那么我们的 臭名昭著313:监狱之夜之旅 是专门为你设计的吗!

夜晚以1开始.5-hour history tour of the former 6th Precinct featured on the Travel Channel show “Most Terrifying Places.被称为"麦格劳车站,“6号看到了它的谋杀, 混乱, 骗子, 腐败, 贪污, 内乱, 在其75年的服务历史中,更是如此.

后来, 我们寻找灵魂——不管是邪恶的还是其他的, 潜伏在这二十六人的城墙内,000平方英尺的前警局, 监狱, 还有黑帮总部. According to dozens of experienced ghost hunters and previous tour attendees, the 6th is home to unexplained phenomena such as touching by unseen entities, 飞的石头, unattributed吹口哨的声音, 温度变化, 等.

A few attendees even reported being cursed at by hostile entities via voices coming through the spirit boxes. 一名与会者称,“有人或什么东西”把他的新冠口罩弄反了. He was so freaked out by this incident; he left the mask behind. It’s now on display in one of our many cabinets housing various precinct artifacts.

We’re pleased to again be working with some of the best Paranormal Groups in the region. 你可能看过他们的直播, 在各种受欢迎的电视节目中看到他们, 或者收听他们的播客.


星期六,6月6日- 小鸡 & 精神(打开一个新标签)
9月11日,星期六 底特律超自然探险(打开一个新标签)
9月18日,星期六 底特律超自然探险(打开一个新标签)
9月25日,星期六 地下超自然网络(打开一个新标签)
星期六,10月1日- 地下超自然网络(打开一个新标签)
星期五,10月8日- 地下超自然网络(打开一个新标签)
星期六,10月9日- 小鸡 & 精神(打开一个新标签)
星期五,10月15日- 乔·沃纳的《十大赌博正规老平台》

10月16日星期六 底特律超自然探险(打开一个新标签)
星期五,10月22日- 地下超自然网络(打开一个新标签)
10月23日星期六 底特律超自然探险(打开一个新标签)
10月29日,星期五 乔·沃纳的《十大赌博正规老平台》
10月30日,星期六 地下超自然网络(打开一个新标签)


会发生什么一个迷人的,迷人的.5-hour history tour with emphasis on precinct police and criminal activity followed by an included pizza & 流行打破. Three 30-minute guided investigations of three different sections of the building led by the scheduled paranormal team followed by 30 minutes to explore the building on your own. Feel free to download your favorite ghost tracking app or bring your own ghost hunting equipment and see what activity you pick up.


Do your interests lean more toward true crime history as opposed to ghost hunts? 如果是这样的话,我们的 臭名昭著的313:闹鬼的第六区之旅 可能更合适.

Disclaimer: Notorious 313 tours are for informational and entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee visits by ghosts or any type of supernatural or paranormal activity.

  • Your patronage supports the restoration efforts of tech entrepreneur Ed Steele to return this once beautiful building to its former glory and convert it into a Cloud Computing Data Center.
  • 游览准时开始. Due to our small staff, we may not be able to accommodate latecomers.
  • Free, well-lit street parking is available on the street adjacent and behind the precinct. 底特律市区观光 and Historic 6th Precinct Restoration Project are not responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or contents.
  • 这是一次历史街区之旅,不是鬼屋. 为营造良好的氛围,设施可设灯光昏暗, but there will be no gruesome vignettes or people jumping out to scare you. 它足够令人毛骨悚然! (但我们无法解释鬼魂会做什么).
  • 而建筑结构是坚固的, 2005年关闭时,内部被拾荒者扒光了, so don’t expect a finished interior filled with beautiful architectural elements.
  • 这座26000平方英尺的建筑的供暖系统是有限的. 如果外面冷,里面也会冷. 着装得体.
  • 而我们可以传递鬼魂的故事和无法解释的现象, we can’t guarantee the appearance of ghosts or other supernatural entities. 他们并不总是喜欢服从命令.
  • All attendees will be required to sign liability waivers and media/photo releases before entering the building.
  • No admission to those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or are unruly.
  • 不允许武器.
  • 新冠肺炎指导方针将得到执行, so please wait in your car until 30 minutes prior to tour start time. 将强制保持社交距离和戴口罩. 咳嗽或生病者不得入内.



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Large group of adults and kids posing in front of a statue of a tiger with its paw outstr等hed and mouth open